Monday, September 27, 2010

Gray's and Torrey's Peaks 9/24/2010

Total Mileage: 9 miles
Elevation Gained: 3600 feet
Starting Point: Steven's Gulch Trailhead

Torrey's Peak
 This hike was meant to be a warm-up for Castle and Conundrum peaks the next day. With short mileage and Class I terrain I didn't think this would be too draining of a hike. I got to hike this one with a buddy of mine named Eric. That would make it my first non-solo 14er. We got going around 7:00am and hiked about 4 miles to the summit of Gray's Peak. About halfway up we encountered some snow and by the top we were trudging through about 6-8 inches of fresh snow that had accumulated on the trail. Conditions were great for us. We had a little wind but clear skies the entire day. We shared the two peaks with a lot of other hikers. We rested for about 20 minutes on Gray's before heading over to Torrey's Peak.

On top of Gray's with Torrey's not too far off. 14,270 feet.
 We were on top of Torrey's about 45 minutes later and relaxed for another 20 minutes or so.

The following picture shows the standard route we took to Gray's summit.

Green is the route up and Blue would be the descent from Torrey's/Gray's saddle
As a side note about my pictures. I am using some trial software to make panoramics and it automatically writes that copywright info in the lower right hand corner. I'm not really concerned with claiming these pictures as my property. Please feel free to copy and distribute all you'd like.

We finished our hike around 1pm and headed back to pick up the wives and head to Aspen, CO for the weekend. We would be hiking Castle Peak and Conundrum while the girls do something else to be determined (but probably shopping). I was a little worried about Eric, that he may be too tired for more 14ers.

Notes to self:
-bring toilet paper
-drawing obscenities in the snow is immature but kind of funny also


  1. eric in the back of the trunk is the best picture on this blog to date.

  2. I love the pictures! Especially the first one. Looks like you had a perfect day. I did Grays back in early August of this year and we got snowed / sleeted / and hailed on. We ended up jogging down some of the trail when the thunder started. That's the reason we weren't able to zip over and summit Torreys too. Had to settle for just one summit.